pureHeat 2 in 1


pureHeat 2 in 1 heats using a cutting edge PTC (Positive Thermal Coefficient) element that heats the air efficiently without drying it out. It purifies your air with PCO technology that features a high power germicidal UVC bulb. This bulb creates a purifying plasma that reduces mold, bacteria, and viruses (even on surfaces) so the months spent with doors and windows closed no longer means months spent in a stuffy indoor environment.

  • Clean, Economical, and Safe Heating
  • Even Distribution of Heat from Floor to Ceiling
  • Does not Burn or Dry Out Air
  • Low Operating & Maintenance Cost
  • Efficient PCO Purification for Pure, Clean, Heated Air

It’s the safe choice.

The pureHeat 2 in 1 is the standard in portable heater safety. Not only is the unit equipped with an overheat and a tip-over shut-off function, but the entire casing and front grille never reaches high temperatures remaining safe to touch even when the heater is on.

It’s the innovative choice.

By combining heat and air purification technologies, the pureHeat 2 in 1 brings the latest innovations in health and comfort to your home or workspace. The Positive Thermal Coefficient, the heating element inside the pureHeat 2 in 1, allows for the most efficient zone heating available.

It’s the simple choice.

The pureHeat 2 in 1 features a simple control panel and LCD display for user-friendly operation. Included with the unit is a full-function wireless remote. Users can also take advantage of the timer and Quiet Mode functions, making the pureHeat 2 in 1 incredibly convenient.