pure Flow Battery & Car Adapter


pureFlow BATTERY & CAR ADAPTER allows pureFlow CIRCULATOR & QT7 to be used in even more ways because of their unique DC Plug Connection. By using pureFlow BATTERY & CAR ADAPTER you can plug your pureFlow fan into a portable battery for use in homes without electricity or for camping or tailgating. The additional car adapter makes cooling down simple when on the road. Use pureFlow on the go in places other fans can't go.

How To Use

  1. Connect either battery Alligator Clamp or Plug for vehicle auxiliary power outlet to the twist-locking DC male power plug.
  2. Next, connect the DC male power plug to the fan.
  3. Finally, (a) connect the Alligator Clamp to the 12V battery or (b) insert the vehicle auxiliary plug into the vehicle auxiliary power outlet.

NOTE: This will fully power the pireFlow CIRCULATOR. However, the pureFlow QT7 will run slower and the oscillation will not operate with this configuration (see below).

Instructions for pureFlow QT7 ONLY

pureFlow QT7 requires 24V to power the unit properly, and offer you full use of the features (max airflow, oscillation). This can be accomplished using two 12v batteries connected in series. The illustration below shows the correct way to connect the batteries and clamps.

Included Items:

  • Twist-Locking DC Male Power Plug (3 Foot Length)
  • Battery Alligator Clamp (with In-Line Connector)
  • Plug for Vehicle Auxiliary Power Outlet (with In-Line Connector)


  • Unit Dimensions: 8.5" H (215 mm) x 5.9" W (150 mm) x .75" D (19 mm)
  • Weight: .25 lb (.11kg)


  • Power Input: 12/24VDC
  • Power Output: 12/24VDC
  • Fuse: F10AL250V (10A)

Shipping Specifications

  • Product Name: pureFlow BATTERY & CAR ADAPTER
  • UPC: 817556020372
  • Packing Dimensions (HxWxD): 4" (120 mm) x 6" (152 mm) x 14" (355 mm)